Bridesmaids come in all shapes and sizes, and finding one style of dress to suit all of them can be difficult. This is without taking into account that your bridesmaids may be living across the country, or in different countries, and often unable to attend fittings. The infinite wrap dress by Fascinating Julia might just be the beautiful solution you are looking for. A dress with infinite styles, for all sorts of women – it can be wrapped in countless ways and styled for any occasion.

This dress is versatile, convertible and one size, perfect for bridesmaids – in fact, perfect for anything. The dress can be worn in about 15 different ways. Hailed as the “Miracle Dress”, the “Magic Dress” and the “Revenge Dress”, you can dress it up, dress it down and even flaunt it as maternity-wear.

The dresses are made to order and come in a huge selection of colours. If for some reason they do not have the colour you were dreaming of, they will do their best to source it, from Cape Town to Johannesburg, or back down to Durban. If you’re unsure about the colours on the screen we’re happy to send you swatches or arrange a meeting and fitting.

Dresses can be viewed in both Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth by appointment (no charge!)