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So that’s really one dress?
Yes! That one dress can be tied in as many ways as you can think of. I know of about 15, but I’ve often had bridesmaids send me photos with styles I’ve never thought of.

What sizes does the dress come in? Do you need my measurements?
I don’t need your measurements. The dress really does fit almost anyone. Unless you are really tiny (flower girl or about a size 2/26) the dress will fit.
If you fall into the small spectrum, or want a dress for a younger girl let me know. We do petite sizes as well as flower girl’s dresses.

​​​What fabric do you use for the dresses?
I tend to use Venezia, Bon bon, or Poly-spandex. It it’s for a more casual event I sometimes use Viscose-lycra. It really does depend on the colour you’re after and what’s available.

What if you don’t have the colour I want?
Colour availability from suppliers in South Africa is constantly changing, and as such the website is almost never completely accurate when it comes to colours. We will go to the ends of the earth, or at least all around South Africa to try and source the colour you’re after. Drop me an email and I’m almost sure we’ll find it.

My screen is funny so I don’t know if I like the colour…
Contact me and I can send you a swatch or you can set up an appointment to view the colour in ‘real life’.

​​Can you send me some swatches?
Yes I can. Or you’re welcome to stop by and view them. Contact me to set up a date.

​​Can I have my dress made longer / shorter?
YES! All you have to do is let me know before it’s made. (Or you can have it altered after)

Is there a shop where I can see the dress?
As yet I do not stock any other shops. I keep the business online to keep dress prices low for you! I do have samples that you are welcome to come and try – mail or call me and we can make a plan!

When can I come and see the dresses?
In Joburg can be made for Saturdays or during the week, by contacting Julia
In Cape Town, things are a bit more flexible and Joan will be able to tell you what sort of times are available.